It’s always crazy in the week or so leading up to a rodeo. But tonight, I decided to take a few hours to myself and go hang out with three of my favorite kids and their Aunt Kylee, who also happens to be one of my best friends. I’m thankful to have them as part of my extended “family”.

Lucas & Jacob


Aunt Kylee & Lucas

I’m thankful every day to live in a rural community. I’m reminded of that on days like today, when the local high school has an event like “Drive Your Tractor to School Day.”

I’m also thankful for teachers & faculty to value agriculture in our little town. “Farming is cool, and we want to show the students here that,” said Brad Hansen, the eighth grade teacher who organized the event.

This special day was for a good cause as well. Students were helping to raise money & awareness for juvenile diabetes. The local paper even covered the event.

Kudos to the teachers who made “Drive Your Tractor to School” day possible & to all who took part. It’s great to see positive things in the news.

And to our friends’ son Logan, who borrowed our Massey-Ferguson to drive to school…thanks for being a good sport when your dork “big sister” (me) showed up to snap a few pictures. Hope I didn’t embarrass you too much!!






Election night kept this political junkie up past her bedtime…so today, I’m thankful the gas station has fan-freakin-tastic coffee ;)


I voted today.

I’m so thankful to live in a country where I have the right to vote. I’m thankful that as a voter I can make my voice heard; that I am given a chance to choose my elected officials and have a say on things like millages and ballot proposals.

I was voter #323 at the Day Township Hall in Montcalm county, Michigan. For the first time ever voting there, I waited in line to vote & others waited behind me. I think that’s pretty cool.

It amazes me how many people take their right to vote for granted. To me it’s like leaving a gift on the table. To those folks, I say simply this:

I’m Cheryl Strautz and I approve this message. ;)

Today & every Monday, I am thankful for coffee…well anything coffee flavored really.

Because on Mondays, this is generally how I feel:

Have a great Tuesday! ;-)

I’m thankful for the same thing every year around this time…a “freebie” extra hour of sleep!

And apparently………..so was Chip ;)


Today I’m thankful for a beautiful afternoon spent in the woods with a great guy. Saw more deer today than I have in two years, and even had a small spike come out to the east if our blind at 12 yards (soooooo cool!!!) Even though we didn’t get a deer, it’s always so peaceful sitting in the blind amongst nature. Looking forward to tomorrow and doing it again!

The view from our blind (with a little help from Instagram!)





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